martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

In The Woods - Tana French -

Well this is my first post in the blog enterely in english so if there's any mistake... my apolagies.

As dusk approaches a small Dublin suburb in the summer of 1984, mothers begin to call their children home. But on this warm evening, three children do not return from the dark silent woods.

When the police arrive, they find only on of the children gripping a tree trunk in terror, wearing blood-filled shoes, and unable to recall a single detail of the incident.

Twenty years later, the found boy, Now called Rob Ryan, is a detective on the Dublin Murder Squad ad keeps his past as a secret. But when a 12 year old girl is found murdered in the same woods, he and Detective Cassie Maddox - partner and closest friend- find themselves investigating a case too similar of Rob's childhood. Now, with only snippets of long- buried memories to guide him, Ryan has the chance to uncover both the mistery of his lost friends and his long gone memory.

Well, in my opinion this is a rich, thrilling novel, who gets you from the page one to the very end. 

If you can't download the file or you don't have any torrent downloader in your PC, you can email me to and I will gladly send the Epub to you.

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